Wales, Wildlands Project & diploma.

The year 2020 started, as many of us, with aspirations – I am delighted to write that, with this new website online included, most of my projects are ongoing and shaping up to an extent I had not foreseen.

Winter is a time to prepare, to nurture and be ready for a striking start in spring ! Preparation comes as a help to my tutor who acquired, with her little family, a smallholding named The Wildlands Project, which will host permaculture related education, for children and adults. Nurturing comes as a time for me to focus on my diploma, which I have had a hard time to write for during the second semester of 2019. Readiness comes as a design for my next endeavour : set the foundations of my future permaculture micro-farm in Vendée, France.

So, what is coming up ? April, take part in a climate hike organized by Air.e, an association for which I had done the scouting of the route, riding my bike in last October. May, sowing, sowing, sowing ! June, two courses to learn hemp & lime building with Kerterre. July, join a teaching team for a new Permaculture Design Course with the École de Permaculture de la SEVE.

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