Offering, conveying, facilitating… receiving !

« I do not teach. I simply join with other people to experience a joint journey into new ideas, new information, new insights. Insights into the world, into Nature, into people and into myself. To be permitted to sit under a tree with a group of campesinos and share a small part of our lives is a humbling experience. I feel honoured to be permitted such an opportunity. […]
I have nothing to teach others. I can only share who I am. That is all I can offer. And I hope that others may wish to listen to my story, just as I wish to listen to theirs. […]
Don’t teach. Listen to you own story. Tell it. And listen very carefully to the stories of others. My desire is to always be the student, never the teacher. »
– Skye, Do I teach ?

University campuses, classrooms and libraries have become places where I feel attracted to, for they hold, collectively and innately, spaces where knowledge has been passed down to me. Later, I realised that I had received knowledge from many other circumstances, with numerous different people and in ways I did not know I was in the process of learning.
My knowledge sharing experiences range from traditional teaching at university with information-led style to open discussion in a grove clearing with process-led style, going through workshops, talks, practicals… Being able to move from one to another, according to the space, time and participants is key, and I am always happy to learn new styles !
I convey mostly courses related to permaculture, relying on my background as a landscape architect and literature & languages student. You may find the upcoming knowledge sharing events in the Next courses section. I am open to new courses venues, please fell free to contact me if you would like to work with me !


Workshop at the National Diploma Gathering 2020 – Roots & Shoots, London, United Kingdom.