Landscape architecture, gardens & permaculture design

I am currently taking new clients for landscape designs, gardening or tree care.

Landscape architecture is a relatively new discipline in its current form, taking its roots in the paintings of landscapes, rural or urban (I think of J. M. W. Turner and E. Hopper), in photography (M. Giacomelli and R. Depardon), in garden design and… in agriculture. We have the habit to say that farmers were the first landscapers, for they worked the land and shaped it to fit their needs, thus creating an additional layer of perception to our environment : thus was created the notion of landscape. Landscape architecture ranges from the largest scales – entire regions – to the smallest scales – when detailing a planting plan or the finish of a bench. It encompasses many other sciences and fields of knowledge in order to perform it main goal – offer an answer and well-being to a given site.

Garden design has this specificity to create a defined and enclosed space responding to various needs and desires – a link with nature, beauty and production of food being the most common. It is generally focused on the inside of its borders and rarely looks outward, thus giving birth to a feeling of enjoyable privacy and security, one’s own little paradise.

Permaculture originated in « permanent agriculture » in its beginnings and soon evolved to « permanent culture ». My definition is the following : it is a global approach of systems – may they be biotopes or purely human systems – that integrates all relevant teachings from all cultural backgrounds. It is a simple vision of complex systems where dreams and beauty are essential, supported by key aspects that are resiliency and improvement, respecting the three ethics : Earth Care, People Care and Fair Shares.
It is similar to landscape architecture as it includes other fields and sciences, on a much greater scale. Attention on every detail and loving care inside this defined space that can be found in garden design may be associated to the people permaculture approach, offering care for others keeping in mind to offer oneself the appropriate care to get one’s system going forward.

My design approach draws from these three disciplines and is evolving, adapting and renewing with each new project. Site specificity, people uniqueness and time anchoring are at the heart of my practice.